SFOA Mission & Vision
SFOA Mission and Vision
The SFOA Board of Directors are honored to serve our membership the best way we can. To do this, we feel we need to express our mission and vision for Sherwood Forest and to align with our members' vision.  We all have a part to play in making Sherwood Forest the best it can be, and so the board of directors wants to take the first step in this process. 
VISION Statement:
The SFOA Board of Directors sees Sherwood Forest as a community we are all proud to call our home away from home - a community of friendly, caring, and respectful neighbors, who cooperate and help each other to uphold and grow the value of our properties as well as our family, friends, and community relationships.
The SFOA Board plays a significant role in leading the community in realizing this vision.  
The mission of your SFOA Board is:
To preserve and enhance our community by providing a beautiful well-maintained, safe, and neighborly environment for the common benefit and enjoyment of all members and guests.
In the execution of this mission, there are values that drive our actions and will help us realize our vision.
VALUES we uphold:
  • Dedication – to recognize the needs of Sherwood Forest and its’ membership and place these over personal interests.
  • Respect – value the opinions and experiences of others
  • Integrity – perform the duties of the Board with an honest, principled, and fair approach to decisions.
  • Volunteer – encourage active participation of all members of the association.
  • Equality – value the diversity of the members of Sherwood Forest
Also, there are guiding principles and expectations that should guide board actions and member interactions.
Guiding Principles for SFOA Board Members: 
  • Listen to the concerns of the members & take a fair, ethical & objective approach in representing the interest of all owners.
  • Communicate with owners in a timely manner through appropriate channels.
  • Conduct business with transparency by providing financials, agendas, and minutes.
  • Make and implement responsible decisions regarding the use of funds and assets of the association.
  • Uphold the Declarations, Covenants, Articles, By-laws, Rules, and Policies of the association.
  • Protect and enhance the value of Sherwood Forest by maintaining all common areas.
  • Work with association members in a professional, objective, and ethical manner
  • Continually seek opportunities to improve the park.
  • Encourage collaborative participation through opportunities for community activities and committees involving the membership.
  • Work in cooperation with the members of Sherwood Forest to enhance the sense of community in the neighborhood
Sherwood Forest Member Expectations:
  • Be a Good Neighbor - Second, be a good association member. There is no better substitute than to resolve issues as neighbors.
  • Volunteer - Volunteer efforts beyond the normal commitment of being a resident are encouraged and essential to a thriving neighborhood.
  • Property Maintenance - Each member/property owner will maintain the common areas and their respective property in a manner that complements and doesn’t detract from the value of other properties or common areas.
  • Common Good - Evaluate issues on their merit to the Association and in accordance with our vision, mission, and values – not to any particular interest group.
  • Continual Improvement - Endeavor to evolve as an association with the changing times through the policies and decisions we make, in accordance with our Declarations, Covenants, Articles, By-laws, and Rules.
News & Announcements
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Cards At Big London
Friday, May 10, 2024
7pm to 10pm
Come & Learn & Play "Dirty Queens" @ Big London. Starts at 7pm.
Mothers Day Kids Activity
Saturday, May 11, 2024
10am to 12pm
REMINDER - Aitkin Property tax payments are due
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Property tax payments are due
The first payment for taxes is due on May 15
Pay online HERE
Cards At Big London
Friday, May 17, 2024
7pm to 10pm
Come & Learn & Play "Dirty Queens" @ Big London. Starts at 7pm.
Annual Renewal for website SOON
Monday, May 20, 2024
Annual Renewal for website SOON Annual Renewal Date for the website:June 12th Renewal Amount:$950.00 This item is only viewable by the board and Manager Reminder that the payment for your...
Cards At Big London
Friday, May 24, 2024
7pm to 10pm
Come & Learn & Play "Dirty Queens" @ Big London. Starts at 7pm.
Registration & Voting Begins for Annual Meeting
Saturday, May 25, 2024
8am to 10am
Annual Meeting of the Membership
Saturday, May 25, 2024
10am to 12:45pm
Annual Meeting of the Membership
Medallion Hunt
Saturday, May 25, 2024
11am to 3pm
Veterans Parade
Saturday, May 25, 2024
3pm to 5pm