Below you will find some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Sherwood Forest Owners Association.

  • When does water shut off?
    Water will usually be shut off starting the Monday following the second Saturday of October.  This is largely dependent on weather conditions.
  • When is water turn on?
    We have to wait until the ground frost is gone and air temperatures are up, so that we don’t have water line damage from freezing. This usually occurs around the 3rd or 4th week in April.
  • Does Sherwood have on site caretakers?
    Sherwood Forest is classified as an Home Owners Association, not a seasonal campground, and thus does not require 24/7 onsite caretakers.  The gate has a system to contact someone 24/7 for access, and an emergency number is available.
  • What are the yearly assessments?
    The annual assessments are evaluated every year and can change.  For the current rates, please contact the front office.  When making two payments, they must be made on or before April 1st, and July 1st.
  • What are the Clubhouse / Office hours?
    Clubhouse Hours are:
    • In Season ~ Memorial Day through Labor Day:
      Sunday to Thursday 8AM to 9PM

      Friday & Saturdays 8am to 10pm
    • Off Season ~ Labor Day through Memorial Day:
       Saturday 8am to 2pm
    Office Hours are:
    • Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm
  • Do I need to register when visiting?
    ALL guests must be registered at the office, even in the off-season. This is for everyone's safety and is MN state law. In case of an emergency we need to know who is in the park & that they are accounted for.  Thank you!
  • Is there a guest fee?
    Yes.  There is a nominal guest fee and it is evaluated every year and can change.  For the current rates, please contact the front office.  The guest fee does not apply to an owner’s parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents or significant other.
  • What is the speed limit on campground roads?
    The speed limit in the park is 10 mph. Please follow this speed limit for everyone's safety!
  • What is the phone number and address of Sherwood Forest Campground?
    Our telephone number is: 218-678-2767. The address is: 21927 US HWY 169, Aitkin, MN 56431
  • What is the schedule for the Board of Directors meetings?
    The meetings are normally held the 3rd Saturday of the month, March through September and in October the meeting is the second Saturday. The annual meeting of the membership is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Please see the calendar for up to date information!
  • Are mobile homes allowed?
    No, only RVIA approved recreational vehicles or park model RV's with 400 square feet or less are allowed.
  • Are there docking facilities for boats?
    No, we are not located directly on the lake. Lake Mille Lacs public boat access is less than half a mile away, however.
  • Is WiFi/internet available?
    Yes, there is public WiFi access available at the clubhouse. However, because Sherwood Forest is so large, it is up to each owner to purchase their own internet service for their individual campsite.
  • Where are you located?
    See the location page for an online map and our location.